About Pinnacle Performance Therapies Clinic

Pinnacle Performance Health Therapies was founded with a passion to provide alternative health therapies for pain relief using non-invasive, drug free treatments based on medical science. Our goal is to provide our community with the opportunity to discover their path to whole health and wellness.


At Pinnacle Performance health, our mission is to enrich the lives of others through pain reduction, mobility improvement, lifestyle management, and performance optimization. We work with our clients – empowering them to optimize their own health.We specialize in promoting the health and wellbeing of performers, athletes and dancers. We provide them with a holistic and specialized treatment plan to help them reach their pinnacle performance.


Dr. Furman’s vision has always been to establish her own chiropractic clinic as a specialist in dance and sport related injuries.

  • Strengthening and enriching the lives of members of the community.
  • Creating a centre where athletes and performers are empowered to enhance their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

About PHealthFitnessThe 3 Phases of Care:

Phase 1:

The Acute Care phase is treatment of muscle spasms, injuries and strains to reduce pain and swelling

Phase 2:

The Sub acute Care phase continues to reduce pain with a focus on restoring range of motion and strengthening tissue

Phase 3:

The Wellness Care phase targets risk reduction or reducing the severity of future injury through body maintenance – enhancing strength, flexibility and mobility. .

Our Core Values:

  • Care:

    We pride ourselves in the excellence of care we provide, finding the right solutions and individual treatments for each patient.

  • Education:

    We stay at the forefront of holistic care treatments and seek to educate our patients so they can enjoy a better quality of life through lifestyle management and optimal health.

  • Holistic:

    We feel strongly about managing pain, improving health and mobility through drug free options, non-invasive treatments and allowing the body to help heal itself.

  • Passion:

    We are dedicated to help others feel better, improve body functioning and strive for pinnacle performance.