Daily Living

We all experience wear and tear on our bodies from daily living activities, from exercising to gardening to shovelling. As we age, we can be even more prone to injury. Not only are injuries painful, but they can slow us down and prevent us from doing our daily tasks, sports or hobbies that we love doing. At Pinnacle Performance we will help get you out of pain and give you the tools you need to live the life that you love.


Gardening is enjoyed by so many people but can result in backaches, arm and wrist pain. Getting you back to activities you enjoy is a primary goal of ours at Pinnacle Performance. We can help you manage the strains and backache that result from gardening and provide you with some simple tips and stretches to do before you garden to prevent re-injury.


Although it can seem like there is little you can do about aches and pain from travelling, there are many ways your physical therapist can assist you.
Stretches, exercises, and postural education for you condition can make travelling much easier on your body. Ask us how we can help you. If you are injured from lifting heaving suitcases or sitting in one position for too long, we can offer therapies that will get you back on track. If your job requires long hours driving, we can help you get past the back and neck pain that can result from sitting in a car or truck day after day.


Everyone has their favourite way of sleeping and there is no hard and fast rule for what position is the best since we tend to make micro modifications to each one. Certain sleeping positions are safer than others if you suffer from conditions affecting the spine and/or shoulders. We can help relieve pain caused from improper posture during sleep including neck pains, pinched nerves, shoulder or back stiffness. As part of our mission to educate and improve daily living, we can also help you discover which sleeping position is best for you.


Snow is almost inevitable when you live in Canada. While it looks clean
and beautiful falling, it is also very heavy to remove – requiring constant twisting
and lifting motions which can wreak havoc on shoulders, arms and the back. If you
experience pain or injury due to physical exertion removing snow, then call us to
get you back on track.


Keeping a house in working order can require a lot of physical labor,
lifting, cleaning and bending. If you experience pain or strains due to house
cleaning, yard work, painting, moving or other house related injuries, then
come to Pinnacle Performance for relief and preventative tips.


Expectant mothers can often experience back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sore feet and ankles as well as other conditions. Let us bring you relief with our medication-free, safe and effective health therapies that will make both you and your precious bundle feel better.