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Dance athletes are one of the most unique patient populations who, therefore, require unique treatment. With varied body adaptations and performance stress, dance athletes are prone to specific injuries and health habits, so having the right   care provider is crucial.


How Can I Help You?

At the age of 2, Dr. Furman began ballet – which became a passion and integral part   of her life growing up. With this background and knowledge of dance, it is now her professional interest to treat those in the performing arts – empowering them to enhance their abilities physically and mentally.

With proper care and treatment after injury by a health care specialist, dancers will be able to recover faster and perform better. We provide a detailed, hour-long initial assessment to conclude a proper diagnosis, treatment plan, and education tips on how to perform steps in order to avoid re-injury. With dance specific rehabilitation, your transition back into the studio will be as seamless as possible and will help keep you strong in the future.

Common injuries: Iliopsoas strain (Dancer’s hip), foot cramps, plantar fascia tears, snapping hip syndrome, low back sprain, mid back sprain, disc herniation, foot and ankle tendon tears, foot and ankle immobility or instability, ankle impingement syndromes, etc.

How to treat them: Pinnacle Performance treats all dance related injuries with an array of the newest therapies based on the latest research including: medical acupuncture; physical therapy; chiropractic care; Active Release Therapy; kinesio-taping; laser therapy; orthotics; electrical modalities; dance specific rehabilitation and education to encompass all your health needs. With the best care provided to you by our team of health experts, we will help you reach your pinnacle performance as a dancer.

“I was a patient of Dr. Furman’s for a brief time during my stay in Toronto. I travel with the Broadway musical WICKED across the country and we were playing the Ed Mirvish Theater. I was recommended by a local dresser. Dr. Furman was a great relief for me for the 7 weeks I attended the clinic. She was a great listener and spent more time with me then any doctor would ever spend in the States. She would work on numerous different ailments I was dealing with and not only did a lot of manipulation work but would provide exercises to help strengthen the areas of concern. She was always aware of what we had worked on and what we working towards so I felt like I was in great hands. It was the first time since I have been on the road that I felt like the show was easy to get through because of the care I was receiving. I would highly recommend her services. ”

-Bridie Carroll


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