Work Place Injuries and Treatment

We conduct thorough assessments to identify underlying conditions and the extent of workplace injuries. After a thorough examination, we will formulate a custom, comprehensive treatment plan to help you relieve pain, increase mobility and help you get back to work sooner. These treatment plans will often include a combination of treatment therapies, depending on the extent and nature of your injuries.

We offer early morning, evening and weekend appointments, to suit your schedule. Most group insurance and private insurance plans offer coverage for the various therapies we offer.

We can consult with your insurance company as required to discuss your condition and the various treatment therapies we provide.

Desk Work- Driving – Sitting Long Hours

Ergonomics is a crucial park of desk-work safety. Making sure your work-station is set up perfectly is one key element to avoiding repetitive stress injuries. Understanding good posture is the other way to avoid fatigue and strain at a desk job. We offer treatment for neck and back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other common issues. Your Pinnacle Performance physical therapist will help you correct posture and equipment positioning to avoid repeat problems. As part of our comprehensive therapy, we will provide you with the tools and awareness to understand when you need a break so you can resist back and neck fatigue.

Physical Labor

Many jobs require constantly bending, lifting, standing and other forms of physical strain. From construction work to nursing to food service, certain jobs require a fair amount of physical exertion. We offer real solutions – whether you throw out your back, experience muscle strain or develop a chronic condition. Pinnacle Performance health therapies can help you overcome the pain, recover faster and learn to prevent re-injury. Through a combination of physical therapy, chiropractic adjustment, active release or acupuncture, we will help to get back on track and back to work.

For help with all work place injuries, make an appointment online or by phone with Pinnacle Performance in Oakville. We will help you get past the pain and back to work.

“Dr. Furman has helped me immensely. I was injured in a workplace incident and had a great deal of pain. With in days after receiving treatment, I was feeling much better and was back at work. I am extremely impressed with her knowledge and skills, and how she went above and beyond to help me in my situation. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for great chiropractic care, so thank you!”

-Mike D.